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Part 23 The fall of Graftgold.

The Final Days Of Graftgold.

I watched From Bedroom To Billions a few days ago. There was a clip of me talking about the last days of Graftgold. The clip was placed out of context suggesting that it was the Console era that finished Graftgold. On the contrary we made a huge amount out of console games, both licensed conversions and original games.  What finished us began with the sale of Renegade to Warner and then Warners sale of the publishing rights of Motox, This caused a delay in receiving the royalties including royalties for the Playstation version. Graftgold just could not survive as we needed royalties from one game to pay for the next. So I sold the majority of the company.

We survived for about two years financed by the new owner Perfect who successfully placed our last product with a publisher who presumably were paying staged advances.  We used to get our wages and agreed expenses transferred to our bank account each month. One month the transfer did not arrive so I cou…

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